My next wish list! —Travel Organizer Suitcase for Cats and dogs.

Man! I was looking for portable litter box for Goma so we can go bike ride and stay outdoors for few hours. Then I found this item on EBAY. I tell you EBAY is the BEST! They have anything seriously. This is an awesome suitcase, must have for traveling with animal! This compact suit case has detachable cover, which makes, with the cushion supplied, a comfortable bed, The bottom part which contains the litter and which forms an airtight hygienic box when the suitcase is closed. Just lift the cover and take away the internal container. The litter box is always ready for use.

Items included in the suitcase are:

* Detachable document holder;
* Rectangular can with hermetic cover for two new or already opened standard food tins or for home-cooked food;
* Round can with hermetic cover;
* Can opener;
* .25 liter water bottle;
* Spoon;
* Small shovel for cleaning litter;
* Two packets of paper towels;
* Automatic extendable leash;
* Plastic waste bags;
* Brush;
* Non-tear small collar;
* Two food bowls;
* Space for medicines, pills;
* Round sponge
* Litter;
* Frame for photo and address.
* Soft Cushion.

Man if I have this I am like 007!! ready for anything! and it's only $24।99+it's so cute!!! What I deal! I gonna buy it for sure.

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