Interview with Goma's daddy TONKA!

1.What is your name?
Tonka. My human mommy named me that because I was a big kitten when she bought me... big and solid like a truck.

2.How old are you?
I am 3 yrs old.

3.What do you do for living?
I have many jobs, one being to patrol the house every night looking for bugs and mice to kill, but thank goodness I have never found a mouse in my house as I think that it would scare me but I have killed 2-3 flies in my life time, also a couple ants, which I am very proud of.

This is my most important job- I keep my human mom company by following her every where she goes, if she is in the livingroom I am there keeping her companion, if she is in the bedroom... yeap I am there too.

My next "job"is stud muffin... but about 95% of the time my girls just ignore me and most times when I am singing to them they just look at me like I am crazy. It makes me sad as I want all my feline girls to think I am one handsome boy!

4. What are your special skills?
Looking cute.
I also know some human words, I am a very smart cat...

5. Are you worry about something lately?
Life is good.... I am a very happy go lucky type of fellow but I wish my girl-friends would like me more.....

6. Have anyone told you you look like somebody?
My girlfriend, Star (but she is ignoring me lately) told me one day that I looked like Garfield the Cat but she was angry at me that day and was just being mean... I DO NOT look like Garfield, I am much much more handsome and dashing than that old tabby cat!

7. Are you shy or social?
Social, I love everyone (human and girl cats). I do not like male cats.

8. Do you listen to others?
Well as you may know I am a cat.... and as with all felines I have selective hearing, but my human mom tells me that I could hear the cat food being put in a dish a 100 miles away...

9. Do you gamble?
No, I would like to though but I am a cat and do not know how to drive. My human mom tells me often how smart I am so maybe someday she will teach me.

10. What is your favorite and least favorite food?
I love chicken, that is my favorite- skinless and boiled (no salt or pepper on it though). I just tried freezed dried turkey hearts (YUMMY) and of course fish is very tasty. I am not very picky and will eat most anything that is put in front of me though.

I do not like vegetables much... but I am a cat, and why in the world would I like vegetables??... some are not good for me either.

11. What is your ideal girl-friend like?
I have several girlfriends already but it makes me sad how they just ignore me all the time. Sometimes they even run away from me. So my ideal girl-friend would be one that would rub my back, play silly chasing games with our toys, cuddle with me and be in heat all the time....


Thanks Suzette from Cozycreek cattery for being such a good sport interviewing Tonka!

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