I saved 3 baby Pigeons today.

I know this is not related to Goma at all, but I have to tell you this story.When I went home for lunch today I heard some baby birds crying. So I went in the direction where the voices were coming from. Then I found 2 really small baby pigeons and one larger pigeons on my neighbor's front door porch!! They were somehow on the ground and their nest were very dirty. People left some bread and apples there but they looked very old. They all looked very confused and sad...especially the larger baby pigeon he/she was just standing near by 2 small babies. I came close to it but didn't even run away...it just kept looking at me with big round eyes! I thought their situation didn't look good at all! They were on the floor any cats can come by and eat them!!
So I went home did some research on animal rescue places.Then I found Green Mountain Animal Defenders. They are working to protect animals and environment. I have no idea at that time they are Pigeons and I didn't even know I was calling the right place...but I did anyways. I told this nice lady about the situation and she said she will swing by and take a look at them!! After about 2 hours she called me back and said she found them on the porch, and it looks like they haven't been fed for a long time by their parents. She had no idea where the parents were....She also said baby pigeons can not eat bread or apple, they have to be hand fed. Now this is the best part, The lady took them home and she fed them so well(they were super hangry she said!), and they are in the clean new nest. She said she will hand-raise them and return them to the wild!! I really really appreciate her work and her organization!! I know some people doesn't like Pigeons, but they are just like any other animals, they deserve a life!! They can't just left to die like that. So sad! So this is my story today.

Oh one more important thing. I will never found them if I rode bike like any other day! I wasn't riding bike today because my bike is in the shop right now...so this is meant to be! I think God heard 3 baby pigions' desparate cry and help them out!!

"It is man's sympathy with all creatures that first makes him truly a man."
~ Albert Schweitzer


tay said...

that is very sweet sachie! thank you for saving the baby birds.

sis said...

WOW!! How wonderful! Lately, there has been many news on animal abuse in Japan. Just hearing them makes my heart freeze. I am so glad you did the right thing. You are the true animal lover!!

moshix2 said...

Oh...I am so gald evertyhing worked out too! I had no idea this will even be possible so to just find somebody who is doing this sort of this makes me feel so good! You know animals need somebody to look after them too!

I love animals, it is their innocence that make me want to protect them. They are suc a wonderful thing...even Pigions, they are no exception! They were so full of life and trying hard to live!! They really deserve a chance!

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