I kill da bear!!

Hello! Goma somehow likes this teddy bear of mine...He sometimes stay besides of this poor bear sleeping. Goma must think the bear is his buddy...because it is only fury thing in my house besides his feather toys... It is amazing how he waits for me at the house, even i leave him more than 8 hours. Evey time I open the door, he is ready to sneak out!! When he does get out...oh boy, he knows how to get to the stairs and end of the hall...he is super fast I can't never catch him!! Who knew Himalayan cats are fast?? Anyway, I have to leave him tonight again because I came back to work...and started to rain so bad. I am hoping I can go home soon...Oh, Suzette, Goma's breeder has new kitten's photo up in her web site!! Ohhh, it's sooooo cute!! There are so many cute pictures all look like Goma!! You must go check it out!! Ok, I think the rain is under control...I'm going home now!! have a good day/night!!!

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