Goma's first Vet visit+Bike ride!!!

Today, Goma went to his first Vet visit to get 3rd shot and general health exam. The Vet is called "Cats Vermont" it is very close to my house, probably 6-10 blocks away from my house. Anyway, I rode a bike today with Goma!! I have a soft carrier which is small enough to carry on my back. So I put Goma in the carrier put in on my back and rode bike!! Well, Goma was soooo good during the bike ride, actually he didn't even move a bit. He was just enjoying his first bike ride. I think he loves it because he can see different things and feel the fresh wind. For me it was so easy, it's like normal bike ride! so comfortable. I should do that more often go around the town with Goma!!

Well, the Vet visit was so pleasant one for both me and Goma! The doctor examed Goma and weigh him, check his ear, stomach and under the tail etc... she said he only has one testicle so I need to wait one more month till other one appear...lol!! well she said it sometimes happen to kittens...poor guy. So I need to wait one months till have him nutered...Anyway, she weighed Goma and he is 3.15Ib! which is 1.4Kg! Wow!! He is a big guy!! He grown so much past 2-3 weeks!! The doctor said too that he is heavy for 4 months kitten!! haha. The doctor said overall goma is very healthy and gave him 3rd shot. That was it! I was soooooo glad that he is healthy!! I am so proud! The picture above is in side of examination room, waiting for the doctor to arrive. Goma is just curious and sniffing around...so cute.

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