GOMA's 2nd walk by the lake!

Hi, We went to our 2nd walk by the lake today. It was even nicer day than 1st one! and not so many people around us. Still some people stop by say hello though...one guy told me he wants me to teach his cats to be leash trained so he can take his cats out too! He said his cat is getting fat because he is lack of exercise. Anyway, I have no idea how to leash train your cat or any cat for the matter. But I would say train early, buy a small harness and start putting it on! If you can not find it then you can put shirts or collar, so that cat will get used to having foreign object on their body...so it will be easier when you introduce the harness. That's what I think. I know I exposed him with shirt and collar when he was little so now he doesn't care.
Anyway, walk was good! Goma is more curious now with the surroundings. He will go walk around even more further. Now he really wants to chase bugs and try to examine each flower on the ground...so cute. But when he tried to eat a Bee I have to stop him because the Bee can knock him out! We stayed there about 1 hour and came back home. It was so much fun.

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