GOMA VS SHOE BOX! Pictures!!

I'm uploading new pictures of Goma inside of narrow shoe box. He loves to be in it so much. It's funny how he goes in and all I see is his head and tale!! His body is a shoe box lol! Anyway, my room got so hot last night, I was sweating all night from the heat!! It's funny Goma knows fridge is cold place to be and he will stand in front of the fridge and keep meowing till I open the door for him!! He will stay there for about 40 mins...even those times, I keep the fridge door slightly open so I can see how he is doing...He just sleeps there so comfortably...I think he is so smart to know that fridge is cold...I wish my fridge has a cat door on it so he can just in and out...all the fridge company should think about this!! I will buy it! I am planning to go ride with Goma again this Saturday. it will be really nice out so he will love that!

1 comment:

tay said...

cute! i want more pictures of goma in the fridge! maybe i will put francois in the fridge when i get home, it is so hot out. i went home at lunch and he was miserable, splayed out on the wood floor.

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