Tay and Ted visit of Goma VIDEO!

Sorry for the late post. I posted about Tay and Ted came to visit Goma before. I did have this video but I had such a hard time with Youtube...anyway, it is so fun to watch Goma interact with Tay and Ted!! I think they really hit it off! It is really surprising that Goma is soooo great with people(and animals). He never hides or act strange. He just being himself. I wish more people will come visit Goma so people can see how cute Goma really is!! Anyway, today when I came back from kickball game, as soon as I opened the door Goma sliped in between my legs and went outside!! He was really fast!! Next time I need to be really quick to get in the house!! It's amazing how he learns those things in just few weeks!! He is really smart. I also start thinking about harness training. My harness is still too big for Goma but I am planning to go Petco this weekend and buy Ferret harness so that it will fit Goma... My goal is to go outside with Goma on the leash! I better start now! Anyway, Tay's cat Elbow had ear surgery today...poor little thing! I hope Elbow is doing better and quickly recover.... thanks for reading!


tay said...

oh no, he didn't get out the front door, did he? just into the hallway?
my cat Elbow is doing great. he was a little freaked out when he first got home but after 20 minutes he was running around like the silly kitty he is.

moshix2 said...

oh good that Elbow is fine now, Ted showed me the picture of him all shaved...poor guy!! Goma didn't get out outside just hallway thanks god!!

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