New friend! Tay&TED

Hello! My friend Tay and Ted came over to see Goma yesterday. They have 2 cats of their own too! It was nice to see how Goma making new friends! I wish I can bring him to work...but Goma's harness is too big for now. It doesn't fit him yet. Yeah, I work with Tay and Ted, it's funny I sit between them. Goma is a sweet kitten I think everybody will love him at work.
Man, it was so hot last night! My room is insanely hot!! I couldn't sleep! on top of that Goma woke me up around 6:30am to play with him. I am so lack of sleep today...grr. Anyway enjoy the pictures!!


tay said...

Sorry it took us so long to come over and meet him! He is so cute!

moshix2 said...

No that's totally okay! Thanks for coming over!


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