I just feel like bragging about GOMA.

It's been a week since I welcomed Goma as my family member. I think Goma is unusually cute and precious cat ever. I don't even think he is a cat, I feel like he is something else. He is just too good for being cat. Oh, and I think he talks me too. I pretty much understand what he wants now. He is very well adjusted with environment, he is very good with strangers and other animals. Every time he looks at me and meow, my heart melts!! He is just so cute when he does that. I never get tired of him even I stay with him all day long. we play with toys, play hide and seek and sleep together. Every moment I spend with him is such a blessing for me. I think he is an angel. I am serious. Omg! I think I love him too much already, I just pray that I can be a good mother to him. and I wish the all the best things in the world...I hope he is happy with me too. I really can't wait to develop more friendship with Goma and get to know him more and more. It's amazing how Goma makes such a big difference in my life! I am so happy everyday and peaceful. I know I totally sound like a madly in love person...but i just can't help it!! Goma is sooooo important for me. I am so grateful that I met Suzette too(goma's breeder). She i so knowledgeable and kind. Friday I told her Goma has tearing problem. On the same day she send me some eye powder I can put around Goma's eyes! She is just genuine cat lover who cares so much about her cats!! I really do think she is the best breeder ever!!! Thanks for reading through this posting...even though all I did was brag about Goma!! haha.

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