Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

I saw this movie in Animal Planet few days ago, and I realized the star cat "Sassy" was Himalayan cat!! I watched this movie before but now I know this fact, seriously this movie seemed more interesting to me!! Anyway, this movie is about family and friendship. It is great for kids all age! If you like animals you will LOVE this movie!! For the detailed review click here.

Anayway, I tracked down the breeder who bred "Sassy" of this movie and also "Mr. Jinx" of Meet the parents and Meet the Fokers! The breeder is called Catzbtique.
I don't know if they are currently breeding any himalayans but they must be really good breeder.

The acting of these animals are really great! and voice over is very convincing too!! It is a wonderful family movie!


tay said...

sachie, have you ever seen this one? it's japanese so you probably have.


moshix2 said...

No I haven't!! I gotta see that!! looks very good!especially its in Japanese! Thansk tay!

tay said...
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tay said...

the version i saw was in english, either way, you have to see it, it was really cute!

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