Great scratch house in great price!

I have been looking for scratch toys for sometime now. I had looked at Ebay, Amazon, Petco, even walmart. I found that these scracth toys(house) are really expensive! Of cource smaller one is cheaper but large on with multiple level one are very expensive. I would say price rage of $20-$300. I almost quit searching one because multiple level one is almost $100 on Ebay...

But last night I was looking one last time, and I found really good scratch house with multiple levels for under $40!!! wow! As you can see in the photo, it has 3 levels and 52inch tall!! Normally these cost $60-$150! I won the auction and paid only $37 and shipping handing is included! Unvelivable! Here is the discription of the scratch house i bought on Ebay.

"This cat tree has 100% natural made sisal rope,
it will attract your cats to scratch our posts, not your furniture.
The most important thing is it can bring your cats endless fun and much healthier nails. Image they scratch posts on the tree, jump on the tree, lay on the perches..."

Feature: High Quality, Wooden construction, 10 mins assemble with all tools included, even wrench. Color: Beige, Carpet Material: Faux Fur,
Overall Size: 20"(L)X20"(W)X52"(H),
Base Board Size: 16" X 16"
Size of Condo: 16"(L)X16"(W)X10"(H)
Size of Perch: 13" X 13"

The link to this seller's auction.


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