Goma loves to be brushed

hello hello, I tried to upload a video to Youtube but somehow I keep getting errors... so instead I am updating pictures today. This was Goma on my lap enjoying brushing. He loves to be groomed! He purrrrs everytime I do it and fall sleep. I think you can see it in the picture that he really enjoying it. Anyway, this morning was kind of hard for me because I have to leave him at home!!! grr...I hope I can take him to work... I am wondering what he is doing at home. Before I come to work, I spreaded all the toys I have on the floor so he can play with it. And I kept TV and Fan on too. i can't wait for this weekend so we can play hide and seek again. I think Goma is cutest creature in the whole world. I love him more everyday! He is just so sweet.

1 comment:

tedo said...

Hopefully Siddle will let you bring him to work.
Once he sees Goma - how can he resist?

As for what he is doing now... probably eating your plants! Haha!

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