Goma and his new buddy Elway!

Today, Beagle dog Elway came over to play with Goma! I was bit nervous about introducing a new friend to Goma...At first Goma looked surprise, he was just sitting in the corner looking at Elway. Goma didn't move for a long time. Then my friend Cassandra came over to meet Goma(oh i know Goma is getting really popular!). She has a persian cat name Periwinkle, she is 15 years old flame pt persian kitty. I snapped a picture Cassandra holding Goma. Aren't they so cute?? Anyway, after Cassandra left Elway and Goma started to interact little bit. As you can see in the photo, they seemed want to be close to each other but keeping the distance...I love how Goma and Elway looking out the window together and sleeping together!! I think they will be a good friends in NO time! Goma is now sleeping now...I think he got tired with all the attention. I will let him sleep for now. I am still having hard time uploading video!! What's wrong with Youtube!? Anyway, I will try to figure out and post it here soon. I have some fun videos!

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