Goma 4 days old!!

I just recieved Goma's baby picture from Suzette(cozycreek cattery, Goma's breeder). She has been so kind to send 2 pictures today! The picture I updated before was actually Goma's brother Tank's baby picture... sorry about the confusion... Anyway, this is Goma 4 days old! he hasn't even opened his eyes yet! OMG! so cute! As you can see in the group photo, he is smaller than other brothers. Look how tiny he is! Suzette also described me how sweet Goma's parents are! I think Goma will be just as sweet as them. Here is the direct quote from Suzette about Goma and his parents(Tonka is hes dad, Star is his mother):

"I would think that Goma may like to sleep on you but for me he just stands very close to me and loves to be close to my face (when I am lying down). His father is like that... I have tried to teach Tonka to sleep near my feet but he wants to be near my head and often puts his head on my pillow. Also Tonka will often stand very close to me (while I am laying down) and if I am facing away from him he will slap my back with his tail about 10 times, sometimes less, sometimes more... and than lie down pressed up against me... but than he moves up and ends up on my pillow. He is a funny cat... I often fold clothes in my bedroom and Tonka will lay down with his head on my pillow, have his body all stretched out and watch me. He is a super sweet cat! Star is too but Tonka is extra special to me.

Goma will sometimes look right at me and meow but he does not really have a meow... it is sort of like this silent meow. His mom has a very silent meow too (except for when she is in heat!).... but she is not much of a "talker" and Tonka never meows, well I can not remember ever hearing him meow. Anyways Goma silent meow is very cute!"

Isn't this just so adorable? Goma doesn't really meow! I love that because I am not big fan of loud cats, which is why I choose himmy as my pet.

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