Eagle Pack cat food

I bought Eagle Pack(Kitten's fomula) cat food yesturday. I heard it is really good. I hope Goma likes it!! It also offers $2 money saving coupon on their website(click on $$$ navigation bar). 6.6Ib bags for $11(with coupon) isn't too bad for the quality food. Here is the discription.

You Can Do Better For Your Pet

Yes, you can do so much better for your pet when you use
Eagle Pack® Super Premium pet foods instead of grocery type brands.


Because Eagle Pack® Super Premium contains the superior quality of human grade ingredients. The first ingredient is a "specific" meat meal protein like chicken meal; remember, dogs are carnivores, as opposed to grains being the first ingredient, followed by meat by-products and other inferior components. These include soy (it causes gas), wheat (one of three ingredients causing 68% of allergies in dogs), wheat middlings and rice hulls (both are non-nutritional fillers). Don't be fooled into thinking "real" meat listed as a first ingredient means the first ingredient is actually meat because it isn't. It contains 70% water and should actually be listed about 7th on the ingredient panel.

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