About Goma's parents

Today, I want to introduce where Goma came from so I decided to introduce Goma's parents! first, his father Tonka(Ch Kasiakatz Ready Set Go of Cozycreek).He is frame Pt Himalayan. I will quote Suzette's discription of Tonka

"Tonka is our first CFA champion. His eye color and coat color in the picture below has a washed out, faded look to it. He does have blue eyes and he has very nice red color pts."

Suzette also mentioned Tonka likes to follow her everywhere! So cute!

Next Goma's mother "Star". She is I think blue pt female...as you can see in the picture, she has the most amazing blue eyes which Goma's eyes are from!! She is really beautiful!

All the photograph credit goes to Suzette(Cozycreek Cattery.)

1 comment:

jmuhj said...

Such gorjuss cattehs, Sachie-san! No wundur Goma-chan iz sew stunningly hansum!!!

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