2nd day with Goma

Okay, I spend the whole day with Goma today. He has been sleeping and playing a lot. Today I needed to go grocurey shopping today so I left him for 1 hour, when I came back he was just where I left him..SLEEPING! Sometimes he hides under tv, sleeping I have hard time finding him. Oh he pooped on the floor today!! well it is because I was in the bathroom taking shower...I kept the door open though...I think he needs some privacy when he is doing his stuff. I will respect that from now on. Generally he is super good about using litter box. I have really small place but I think Goma likes it a lot. There are scrach tower, tond of windows, tons of places to hide and explore. But his favorite place must be on the bed. He sleeps there all the time! anyway, I have some more pictures from this afternoon. I will be updateing more video tomorrow so make sure you check it! I hope you enjoy!

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